20 Memes to Get You Through Closing

Closing is upon us. The time of year when you go cross-eyed from paperwork, wonder if your student staff have been listening to you whatsoever, and brace yourself for nasty rooms. Any time you try to get thousands of people to do the same thing, in more or less the same manner, there are bound to be hiccups. I hope these closing memes will provide a respite from the monotony of signing your name 300 times or a giggle after dealing with a ridiculous damage appeal.

I used these two years ago as a way to advertise closing policies with my students and they were a huge hit. Feel free to copy and use on your campus as you see fit! And happy closing!



Y U No






Success Kid




Scumbag Steve




New fav resident


office space




Me Gusta


Lawyer Dog




insanity pup


Grumpy Cat








old sport

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