Marcia, Marcia, Marcia, or, The Challenges of Leading from the Middle

As always, Renee puts words to so many of my experiences. A must read for new and continuing mid-level professionals!

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Like many, I spent my entry-level days in the field aspiring to the next step. What comes next, I would tell myself, will certainly be better/easier/more challenging/more meaningful/more amazing/involve more butterflies than my current position. And there in lies the peril of just being humans (or perhaps my and many other’s humanity specifically): we are never quite satisfied with where we are.

To some extent, we shouldn’t be satisfied. I do believe that those of us who get things done, who accomplish big goals, who aspire to deliver great work consistently, have a level of insatiability. I’m like this in all realms of my life. It drives my husband crazy. But it makes me excellent at what I do. It is a constant striving that makes us constantly willing to learn, to be taught, to discover, and to try new things. And I do believe that is the first requisite…

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