One Year, One Word

After many years of hemming and hawing, I’ve finally decided to participate in the One Word Challenge. This movement asks participants to scrap a list of resolutions for the new year of all the things you want to do and instead focus on who you want to be. I really enjoy this concept as resolutions and I have never really gotten along. I found them to be limiting and guilt-inducing. So, when the indomidable Lisa Endersby put a call out for interest in the student affairs community to participate, I was all in.

In a show of true destiny, I decided to participate right before I jetted off to Las Vegas to celebrate New Years at a wedding for some of my dear friends. We celebrated their nuptials on the 17th floor balcony of the Platinum Hotel and then we watched fireworks shower the Las Vegas Strip to ring in 2015. The entire time, I kept pinching myself because I am not this cool. Seriously. I had an amazing time and took my first leap with my one word in mind by rocking a dress made completely out of sequins.

Two dear friends and I rocking some NYE sequins!

Never in my life would I have ever chosen such an ostentatious garment, but if you can’t wear a dress made entirely of sequins on New Years Eve, in Las Vegas, at a wedding, when can you? This one little choice led me to my One Word for 2015…


In short, I love this word. I love the spirit behind it and how it incorporates confidence, joy, personality, grit, and actively seeking adventures. I love the charge that it asks of me. It’s not a word that can be shoved in a drawer and forgotten about all that easily. It’s a challenge and a call to action. And I’m ready for it. I’m ready to see where it takes me for 2015!!!

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