Mythbusters: The Publicly Speaking Introvert

Amma Marfo

This month marks the six-month anniversary of the release of The I’s Have It, my e-book about introversion in student affairs. It’s been an amazing journey to put my proverbial baby out into the world, watch her reach her first milestones (first time she was gifted to a reader! First time someone gave her a recommendation! First time someone told a friend about her at a conference!), and see how she grows as time goes on.

But at the same time, we’re trying for another. And that means keeping an eye on additional research. The work that Susan Cain is doing to redefine the workplace in the introvert’s favor has fascinated me. I love that Scientific American is diving even deeper into the brain chemistry than most people care to go, and I am riveted. Advances like this will make the impending younger sibling really strong; I will have…

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